Direct to Garment – DTG

Similar to how a desktop printer prints on paper, DTG allows for printing directly onto fabrics. DTG allows for printing detailed designs and photorealistic images with almost no color limitations. DTG produces best results on 100% cotton fabrics. Reach out and grab a quote today!


Heat transfer vinyl comes in single colors.  It is best used for simple designs with minimal colors. Heat transfer vinyl cannot be used for full-color pictures or anything with gradients.

Heat transfer vinyl can be used to create special effects with its glitter, flocked, holographic, glow-in-the-dark, and 3D puff options. Can be applied to a variety of fabrics. Reach out and grab a quote today!


Sublimation offers the ability to print a full digital picture and put it on a mug, mouse pad, some apparels, towel and much more. Reach out for a quote today!